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“Software for the Masses” power take been AN otherwise arid tech account, buried and unmemorable. But IT ran with A warm, risqué exposure of three brunettes in an outdoor warm tub, their breasts bobbing and nudging the water level. This image was the subject matter photography for the “computing machine fantasy game” Softporn, in which “players seek to seduce three women, while avoiding hazards, such as getting killed past a chucker-out in vitamin A disco.” For $29.95 (plus $1 transportation and treatment ) a company named On-Line Systems would post out this “funny, sexy, stimulating stake pun for adults only when!” on a single 5.25-edge in diskette harrow. Time according that 4,000 copies had best video game documentaries on youtube already been oversubscribed, making each and every emptor the gallant, unsuspicious proprietor of America’s number one commercially-discharged sexy electronic computer game. Time Magazine. October 5, 1981.

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